Pizza Boxes

Boxes with or without print, customized or generic with standard packaging sizes.

Length Width Height
450mm 44mm 43mm
400mm 400mm 45mm
365mm 365mm 42mm
350mm 350mm 40mm
310mm 310mm 44mm
300mm 300mm 42mm
270mm 270mm 40mm
220mm 220mm 42mm
190mm 190mm 42mm
180mm 180mm 42mm
Size Length Width Height
Grande 366mm 185mm 84mm
Mediana 250mm 185mm 84mm
Pequeña 200mm 123mm 75mm

Shoe Boxes

Boxes with or without print, generic or customized, with standard sizes.

Length Width Height
230mm 110mm 320mm
220mm 125mm 320mm
210mm 110mm 330mm
190mm 110mm 310mm
180mm 112mm 300mm
180mm 110mm 300mm
180mm 118mm 300mm
170mm 110mm 290mm
160mm 86mm 290mm
150mm 186mm 300mm
194mm 120mm 324mm
184mm 115mm 335mm
178mm 110mm 300mm
168mm 118mm 305mm
166mm 96mm 269mm

Cake Bases

Cake Bases made of foil (metalized) or white (laminated).

Diameter 285mm Diameter 235mm

Cup Holders

Cup Holders with or without print, generic or personalized

Regular Boxes

Generic boxes with or without custom print

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