Cardboard is a material made up of several superimposed layers of paper, it is made from virgin fiber or recycled paper. Cardboard is thicker, harder, and stronger than paper. Some types of cardboard are used to make packaging and boxes of various types. The top coat can be given different finishes that give it a better look.


Tech Specs

Corrugated cardboard is the result of the union of several sheets of paper, which are kept equidistant because one or more corrugated sheets are inserted between them.

This characteristic is what gives cardboard the property of being non-deformable.

The outer smooth leaves are called faces, the intermediate leaves are called smooth faces, the wavy leaves that form the channels are called corrugated or medium corrugated.

The single face or its acronym SF is the elementary module of all corrugated cardboard and is made up of a smooth face and a corrugated one, joined together; it comes in rolls.

By adding a second face to the Single Face, a simple wall will be formed, if a Single Face is added to the simple wall, it constitutes the so-called Double Wall. There are even Multiple Wall cardboard sheets.

The grammage of the papers used in the elaboration, determine their consistency (ECT) and especially their resistance to vertical compression (BCT), this last parameter is the most important, since it indicates the weight that a box can support subjected to a stacking load.

The flute determines the thickness of a material, there is a wide range of flutes, of which the most used are the following:
C ……… .. Height: 4mm
B ……… ..Height: 3mm
BC ……… .Height: 7mm
Micro E… Height: 2mm

Due to its finish, corrugated cardboard has two alternatives, the most common is kraft, this is a natural cardboard without any type of covering and with a brown appearance. The other is cardboard with a white coating on the outside.

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